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MAHYC members recognize the growing needs of K-12 student populations related to age-appropriate, medically accurate, LGBTQ+ inclusive, and consent-focused
sexual and reproductive health education.


Membership is free and offers collaborative solutions for Massachusetts educators, organizations and advocates to ensure that comprehensive curricula are taught in schools that choose to offer sex education.

MAHYC members themselves offer online workshops on advocacy strategies, best practices in sex ed programming, and suggest improvements to the website.

The MAHYC started as an action research dissertation project through Northeastern University and remains 100% voluntary. 

Sex Ed Solutions is the consulting extension of the MAHYC.
The majority of voters in Massachusetts support Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) in  schools, but there is no policy or law to ensure its implementation. The goal of MAHYC is to help young people learn the multiple, holistic health benefits of CSE as well as how to prevent STIs and pregnancy when they become sexually active. 


Examples of Age Appropriate Sex Ed:














The Massachusetts Senate has overwhelmingly advanced The Healthy Youth Act each session, so it is up to supporters to

push the bill through both chambers this session. 



Contact your Representative and urge them to advance The Healthy Youth Act. 

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